At Tresor transparency is something of great importance to us. Although we’re not obligated to provide this information to the public, we believe consumers have a full right to know where the products they are purchasing come from and how they are made. As a business it takes hours of research to find the perfect supplier so we cant reveal the exact company we work with but we're more than happy to give a general understanding of how they operate.

We aim to have high quality products sourced from ethical suppliers. We source our products from a factory that has been in the manufacturing and production industry for well over a decade.

They are an extremely modern factory where all workers are paid a LIVING wage as opposed to minimum wage. This is due to the fact that they are well-educated and highly skilled individuals who work with us on bringing our designs to life.

There is no "child labour" involved as is common for people to assume being that the factory is based in Guangdong. The working conditions are as good as any factory.

Please feel free to view the images below in order to gain a visual understanding of what the working environment is like!