Our looks

Teeny tiny jewellery pieces...

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where it began

tresor by amani

After months of research, planning and preparation, Tresor officially launched on the 11th of may 2019. We initially sold colourful fashion jewellery! I started Tresor at 17 with no experience in running a business myself. It's been a journey that im thrilled to have experienced.

Our year


This year the UK went into complete lockdown. It was devastating for all of us and small businesses struggled more than ever. Despite this we worked our hardest continuing to find solutions and promote our business. In July we had a breakthrough with our first viral tiktok gaining over 4.4MILLION views. This changed the game for us completely.

what we hope to achieve

our goals

We're going into 2021 with over 150,000 followers over two social media platforms. All of which we are eternally grateful for. We hope to expand our online presence this year and continue to provide high end jewellery for an affordable price.